Growing Customer Mindshare
Productive & Manageable Social Media

Having interactive dialog with your customers around ideas and information that provide value is an effective and cost efficient way to help maintain brand awareness. Social media platforms offer a simple way to retain and often gain a measure of mindshare. Interestingly, many companies struggle to capitalize on this, some do nothing and some default to unrelenting and counterproductive self promotion. Simplify your approach, don’t promote anything but interesting two-way communication. Here are a few ideas to help initiate and sustain more interesting and productive dialog with your customers.

Simple & Positive

Present ideas that are interesting at first glance. Keep it simple. Avoid complex concepts that require more than a minute to consume. Share ideas that are positive and reflect well on you for bringing it to your customer’s attention.

Curate Engaging Content
Adjust your thinking about value. For this content, abandon parochial ideas of pricing equals value and other propositions that focus on selling. There is a place for that, but it doesn’t make for engaging two-way conversation. Interesting, new and funny have real value.

  • Revealing the obscure origins of common industry jargon, sharing an exceptional image or showcasing a new technology are examples of quick and interesting content ideas.

  • Providing a convenient ‘short version’ of industry news and developments to help customers/clients stay current is always a welcome value.

  • Humor that transforms daily absurdity into a smile lets customers know ‘you get them’.

  • Look outward. Showcase success and great ideas even if they’re not yours.

  • Don't overthink it. Trust your instinct.

Schedule & Structure
The biggest challenges in maintaining productive dialog are time and timing. Solve this by preparing ideas/content ahead of time. If something topical comes along that's a better fit, use it. Overcome the timing hurdle by scheduling your missives to roll out once every 2 weeks. Use a calendar that will send you notice when your pieces should post.

Be A Part of It
Don’t fire and forget, the value is the conversation. Take the time to participate. Encourage dialog that is primarily positive. If you see behavior that is plainly negative, quickly and quietly eliminate it. Don’t worry, that’s not censorship it’s leadership.

Once you have established a record of providing value driven dialog, your customers will begin to pull your content. That is the beginning of something exceptional.

Say less, communicate more.

Jody Kaufman   
Principal   |   Klēn Design