Klēn provides multidisciplinary design capabilities.

We help clients develop and implement practical solutions using a business driven creative process.

Our work yields positive business outcomes.

2014 Reset in progress.
We've curated pieces of work that illustrate a range of styles and capabilities. If you're interested in something particular not currently shown, let us know.
Our work includes strategic brand advisory, marketing communications design
& production, product development and unique design-to-build projects.
Services are offered together and separately depending on client needs.

Brand + Marketing Advisory
- Brand Development & Positioning
- Product/Service Development & Alignment
- Sales Cycle Assessment & Planning
- Competitive Response Development
- Creative Direction
Communications Design
- Logo + Corporate Identity Design
- Print Design Collateral
- Large Format Advertising
- Environmental Graphics Design
Interactive + Technology
- Web Design + Build
- Self Edit Interfaces
- Application Development
- Learning Platforms
- Multi-format channel development
- Copywriting + Editing
- Technical Writing
- Subject Matter Expert Content
- Vehicle Design + Modification
- Tool Development
- Product & Process Prototyping

- Packaging Design & Sourcing
- Materials Processing Development
We help our clients 'think it' and 'say it' better. Interestingly, that’s often just a matter of helping them articulate who they are and why that matters. We apply a business driven creative process and uncommon sense to produce focused messaging that captures audience mindshare.

Our experience spans a wide array of companies from Fortune 50s to startups in industries including: medical/healthcare, investment banking, commercial film/video production, software, real estate, manufacturing, academic, automotive and hospitality.
Unique Advantage
Our careers originated in business. Our ability to understand your needs is based on first hand experience, not empty language. Our clients feel like 'we get them'. Because, we do.

Our second advantage is that we’re not trapped. Dated conventions, the latest fads or a faux image that restricts innovative thinking has nothing to do with us.
Why We Do Marketing + Design
Learning and figuring things out is a natural proclivity. Our work constantly presents opportunities to interact with unique ideas, innovative products and intelligent people. We get to scratch beneath the surface - that's where it gets interesting. From this point we're able to help create new ideas . . . some times present old ideas and solve real problems. It's challenging and rewarding work.

Klēn was founded and is operated by principal Jody Kaufman.
Our office is located near the Emory campus in Atlanta. We relocate briefly for snow in the winter and wind in the summer. Visitors are welcome in all locations.

Fit & Compatibility
Fit and compatibility are basic requirements to produce exceptional outcomes. Generating value for clients and feeling good about the work we produce is important. Our goal is to do high quality work with clients we respect. Have similar ideas? Let's talk.

Tel - 404.874.9983   |   letstalk@klendesign.com
1134 St. Augustine Pl Atlanta, GA 30306

Non Profit Organizations
We're always game to provide counsel and/or production work to non-profit organizations that need help. We do have a screening application. Please read and complete prior to getting in touch. Non-profit Application